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4th – 6th grades are critical years for a student to become internally motivated to learn, including loving to read and developing positive social influences. This internal motivation sets the course for the rest of their education through High School. The classroom and activities in 4th – 6th grades are designed to maximize each student’s internal motivation through a wide variety of options for activities. Spiritually, 4th – 6th grade is the time when habits become solidified, so it is crucial to reinforce positive habits through observing and sometimes counteracting/correcting students’ social and academic decisions and choices.

Michelle Birk, the 4th – 6th grade homeroom teacher, does everything she can to engage various aspects of each student’s senses for reading and many other learning opportunities. With a loft, a reading tub, and a wealth of craft or puzzle activities  to develop fine motor skills and foster brain development, her students love her classroom. Additionally, students undertake various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities and projects to continue to develop their interest in problem solving and critical thinking.

Teacher for these students:

Michelle Birk ( Homeroom )