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Creative Writing


Savannah Gilmore


Do You Remember?

Do you remember, long ago when men with dreams did sail?

Of freedom for belief and from powers over them they would not let prevail.

Slicing through rippled waves and storm that threatened many to drown, 

These brave men kept voyaging on and founded our historical Jamestown.

Do you remember, stories of old and the gruesome wars that did shed blood? 

Wars of land, love, and freedom painted fields with a royal crimson flood.

But on that day after the 3rd of July, our wise Forefathers signed, 

A document to seal our freedom and set an example for all mankind.

Do you remember, years later when our young country threatened divide? 

State’s powers were questioned and freedoms to a colored people were denied.

A great and peaceful lamb was slain in the hands of evil before equality ensured, 

And though these darker people were set free, hate in hearts still remained uncured.

Do you remember, soldiers, the darkened days of doom that rose?

Close to the hearts of many, were the warriors setting out to defeat our foes.

Germany began to conquer the world and many thought they had won, 

But after America entered the war, they did their job and ended World War 1.

Do you remember, my children, when America began to climb in prosperity and wealth? 

A peak was reached, but a crash crept in destroying security with stealth.

We would not stay down for long as two great presidents would prove, 

But instead be built back up to our former glory, hopelessness removed.

Do you remember, scholars, not long after this fall of our mighty homeland? 

A new power arose from the shadows, longing to kill and loyalty demand.

A man so evil and murderous began to enact a horrendous genocide, 

And although America stepped in, already too many had died. 

Do you remember, but again peace ran and hid as did any stability? 

A colder war was fueled and sparked by power and Russian hostility.

Bigger, greater and more advanced weaponry was soon mass produced, 

No more up close, dangerous wars when the death of men could significantly be reduced.

Do you remember, finally, when a peaceful time had settled in peoples homes and hearts? 

JFK was elected, bringing less poverty, new opportunities and completely fresh starts.

The 60s held promise and hope until it was shaken by a single shot, 

Kennedy was dead and a leader such as Johnson was looked for and sought.

Do you remember, teachers, the following years of rising Civil Rights? 

How somehow black people were below us and superior were all Whites.

A women on a bus and a man with a dream spoke out against this discrimination, 

No more would one race be above the other as intended with God’s creation.

Do you remember, new generation, the evil acts that are being celebrated in court? 

The direct abomination to how God's laws and the Bible they eagerly distort.

New and morally ignorant ideas are being pumped into the upcoming generation, 

The idea of changing genders, abortions, and no God in school is tearing apart our nation.

Do you remember, Christians, what the Bible said would come? 

An end God has designed to restore to His place the Holy One.

He has a plan of justice to soon display Christ’s full glory, 

A plan that is being completed as history is His story.

Let Savannah and Miss Lotz know what you think about her poem!

Tell us what you think!



Joshua Zimmerman



Gently gently roll the dice 

Careful not to break the ice 

Deep dark depths an inch away

Beneath the children as they play

A thoughtless word, a wordless thought 

Enemy is friend, and friend is not

Gently gently roll the dice 

Careful not to break the ice 

Holding back and staying safe 

In the shadows like a wraith

Conflict is bad, silence is worse 

Be who you are, nothing else works

Offer to others what your spirits lift 

By the same token don’t scorn a true gift 

All that is beauty and all that is gold 

Came from commitment, a heart that was bold

Gently gently roll the dice 

Careful as you break the ice 

Cold cracked walls an inch away 

Breaking down to laugh and play

A heartfelt word, a genuine smile 

Broken down walls, mile after mile

Gently gently cast your lot 

Blame the person, or choose not 

Gently gently make your move 

Striving always to improve

Loose chunks of ice, flaws from your past 

Melt in the sunshine of goodness at last

Love those who hate you, not just those who love 

Turning the cheek to please Him who’s above 

A life that is short, the blink of an eye 

Is best spent in service to Him whose on high

Wade into conflict to share a kind word 

Let truth be spoken and truly be heard 

All the assuming and all the lies told 

Came from deep darkness and Satan’s fools gold

Let Joshua and Miss Lotz know what you think about his poem!

Tell us what you think!

As students reach Junior High, they become more independent in their thinking, and their social interactions and choices become increasingly important. Students need a strong Biblical perspective as they move into an ever increasing post-Christian social climate and begin to make significant decisions that will impact the future direction of their lives. Therefore, the crucial focus in these years must be deepening their thinking, while learning how to give voice to their thoughts for effective communication. What and how they think are developed, in part, through listening to one another.

There is a strong emphasis on the depth of academic content at this level, and this is enhanced with a large amount of discussion to examine and evaluate life, choices, and futures. In addition to the language arts, science and social studies take a more central role in academic development. Biblical perspective is taught through literature, science, social studies, and Bible classes.  There is a strong emphasis on students learning to express themselves and relay information through essay writing. 

Students may continue studying full-time at Keystone Christian Academy through the ninth grade; however, at the end of eighth grade, they have an option to continue studying certain subjects part-time at Keystone for the ninth grade while also taking courses at Norfolk Public High School or other educational settings. This option positions students in two vital arenas at once, giving a greater opportunity to experience and evaluate life through a Biblical perspective while also attending school in the larger secular culture.

Teachers for these students:

Sharon Lotz ( Homeroom )  

Michelle Birk ( Math )