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As students reach Junior High, they become more independent in their thinking, and their social interactions and choices become increasingly important. Students need a strong Biblical perspective as they move into an ever increasing post-Christian social climate and begin to make significant decisions that will impact the future direction of their lives. Therefore, the crucial focus in these years must be deepening their thinking, while learning how to give voice to their thoughts for effective communication. What and how they think are developed, in part, through listening to one another.

There is a strong emphasis on the depth of academic content at this level, and this is enhanced with a large amount of discussion to examine and evaluate life, choices, and futures. In addition to the language arts, science and social studies take a more central role in academic development. Biblical perspective is taught through literature, science, social studies, and Bible classes.  There is a strong emphasis on students learning to express themselves and relay information through essay writing. 

Students may continue studying full-time at Keystone Christian Academy through the ninth grade; however, at the end of eighth grade, they have an option to continue studying certain subjects part-time at Keystone for the ninth grade while also taking courses at Norfolk Public High School or other educational settings. This option positions students in two vital arenas at once, giving a greater opportunity to experience and evaluate life through a Biblical perspective while also attending school in the larger secular culture.

Teachers for these students:

Sharon Lotz ( Homeroom )  

Michelle Birk ( Math )