Financial Policy

Keystone Christian Academy is a private, non-profit organization that operates on a balanced budget from year-to-year. Tuition, gifts, and fund-raisers are all necessary to operate within the budget.

Each family enrolling a child/children in Keystone Christian Academy makes a commitment to the school. Based on that commitment, Keystone Christian Academy and the school board have secured and made financial  commitments to our staff and teachers who provide education services to your child/children. We understand that parents fully intend to make tuition payments; however, due to the ongoing financial commitments of Keystone Christian Academy, we ask that parents make tuition payment a priority and pay tuition on time each month.

1. Tuition Agreement: Needs to be completed each year.

  • Tuition is due by the 10th day of each month.
  • Late payments will incur a $15 late fee.
  • If the 10th falls on a weekend, then the tuition is due in the office on the Friday prior to the 10th.
  • If a student is pulled out of school after the 1st grading period in the semester, and no excusable reason (as approved by the school board) is determined, the full tuition for that semester is still required.
  • Enrollment for the new school year will not be honored until the past year has been paid in full.

2. Scholarship: Keystone Christian Academy awards a maximum of 50% scholarship based upon family financial need if funds are available.

3. SHOP (Shopping Helps Our Pupils) Program: This  program enables parents to purchase gift cards at the face value of the card and have a small percentage of this amount go towards their child’s tuition.

4. Fundraisers: The Board of Keystone Christian Academy is dependent upon the participation of every family to make each fundraiser successful, thus minimizing tuition costs for everyone. Some fundraisers are ongoing, while others may be one-time events.

5. Holiday Market: This fundraiser provides a  significant portion of the Keystone Christian Academy budget; therefore, every family is expected to participate in preparation, set-up, operation and clean-up of the event. In advance, we request parents to reduce calendar commitments from other activities, excluding funerals and serious illnesses, for the time period leading up to and including the Holiday Market.