Michelle Birk

4th-6th Grade Homeroom Teacher

About Me

I grew up in Alabama and graduated from Auburn University with a K-8 elementary degree; then I taught grades 4 and 5 in Alabama for 3 years. God drew me to Norfolk through Keystone and Christ is King Community Church. I have been teaching here at Keystone for 20 years.



Lifepoint Church


  •  1995 BS Elementary Education, Auburn University, Auburn, AL


  • 1995-1998 4th-5th Grades Teacher, Shelby Elementary Public School, Shelby, AL 
  • 1998-present 4th-6th Grades Teacher, Keystone Christian Academy, Norfolk, NE


I am passionate about getting students to enjoy reading, so my classroom is set to make anyone want to read: in the bathtub, in the loft, with flashlights, in forts, dressed up as Dr. Seuss characters, or coming dressed to the nines for a Golden Sower Award extravaganza. I often read aloud in class and look for things that will interest students and get them reading; I’m always on the hunt to help students over that hesitant reading hump. I initially studied Engineering at Auburn, so I love STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and want to make every student successful with these challenging subjects. I think one of my major strengths lies in my ability to design and execute creative projects to excite my students towards learning. 

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