Student testimonials

“I am grateful for coming here because it’s a Christian school, and we get taught about truthful things.” 

Student, Grade 6

“Keystone Christian Academy has helped build my faith. I’ve learned ways to defend my faith while being sensitive to the beliefs of others. The teachers here are phenomenal. They really have a heart for the kids they teach.” 

Student, Grade 8

“Being a small school has its perks. You are able to really connect with everyone and get to know them all.” 

Student, Grade 7

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Alumni Testimonials

Alumna Jenna Gilmore talks about her experiences at KCA.

Student Testimonials

"The values of engaging my brain, thinking about my walk with God, and discussing issues thoroughly, are all included in what I have learned from this wonderful school.” 

KCA Alumni, Grade 10

“I am grateful for the unique setting I learn in. It lets me know that my teacher cares about me and can tell where I learn best.” 

Student, Grade 6

“Keystone is truly more than just a school. It feels like home. You don’t have to come to school worrying about your appearance, or wondering if someone is going to make fun of you.” 

KCA Alumni, Grade 10

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Parent Testimonials

Parent Mandy Gilmore explains why she and her husband send their children to KCA.

Parent Paula Zimmerman gives a plug for the amazing teachers at KCA.

Richard Zimmerman describes the value of Christian education for his family that is provided at KCA.

Renee Cole discusses how Keystone Christian Academy has been an answer to prayer for her family.

Parent April Laskowski shares the primary reasons that she and her husband have chosen KCA.

John Laskowski explains why he loves Keystone Christian Academy.

Mariah Perrigan talks about her homeschool student attending Keystone part-time.

Gina and Wayne Ohnesorg share the reasons why KCA benefits their son.

Parent Claire Braun likes the small class sizes and individual attention that her son gets at KCA.

Karen Tucker describes the type of learning environment that she and her husband want for their children and how KCA has met that need.

Sarah Eusterwiemann talks about the things her daughter is learning that will help her in life.

Student Testimonials

“Keystone is an amazing school. I really think Keystone Christian Academy has brought out the best and the worst in me. As a student, I truly feel that I am learning to work hard and persevere. Even though it may seem hard, Miss Lotz, my teacher, doesn’t give up on any of us—even if we are really annoying.” 

Student, Grade 7

“Keystone is great because it is a smaller environment, has great discussions, and has great people.  Although there aren’t many boys in the school, I still am able to create lifelong friends. The personality of every person is different, and no one is pressured to do anything they don’t think is right. All that is great, but the best thing is that it is a Christian school with solid foundations.” 

Student, Grade 7

“Keystone Christian Academy has been a great fit for me educationally and spiritually. What Keystone has taught me includes taking what I have learned in my Bible class and crafting observations, asking questions, and formulating interpretations. I’ve gained the understanding of the importance of quality observations and what I need to ask in order to understand the text.” 

Student, Grade 8

“School is no longer a chore for me, and I can have more people time with other students. We are learning to use our time wisely and stay focused. Keystone is important because it is built on Christian principles, and they are teaching great Biblical truths.” 

Student, Grade 7

“I am grateful for my friends, and my teachers are very nice. I like that we get to read a lot, and that I can have fun learning.” 

Student, Grade 4

“What I value most about Keystone’s method of teaching is the freedom to be where you are at, and the positive encouragement, no matter the grade on your paper."

KCA Alumni, Grade 10

From College Age Alumni

How did KCA prepare me for college/life?

· Freedom to ask questions or talk about issues

· Teachers get to know you in the small environment

· The multi-grade environment

· Bible knowledge

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